A Fast and Efficient Analysis of Design Ideas for Your Plastic Parts

We are using Autodesk Moldflow Insight 2010, the world-leading software package for advanced injection moulding simulations of thermoplastic and thermoset materials. In 2004 we were recognized as Moldflow certified consultants.

InjectionMouldingSimulations.com customers profit from a fast and reliable service of virtual tryouts of their product and mould designs for both thermoplastic and thermoset materials, whether thin-walled or complex 3D products are in question.

We are providing virtual analyses and real solutions for all phases of product life cycle:

Simulation Packages

For ease of use and faster communication we've predefined three different simulation packages which include different analyses and results that can be obtained. For detailed information on a specific package plase click on one of the frames below.


Based on your part design we simulate the filling phase of the injection moulding cycle. Based on these calculations the fill time can be predicted as well as air traps, clamping force, weld lines, sink marks, temperature and pressure distribution etc. For detailed explanation of possible results please click here.


This package adds the cooling phase simulation to Sim-Base. By this average part temperature, circuit coolant temperature and flow rate, temperature distribution through part thickness and many more phenomena can be predicted. Further information can be found here.


With introduction of warpage analyses this package upgrades the Sim-Plus with product warpage/ deformation analyses, possible also for fiber-reinforced materials. More information on obtainable results can be found here.

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